Where Am i?

How does this even exist?

the Schamonchi:

MV Schamonchi is a 144 foot ferry boat docked in a clandestine corner of Bushwick.

She has served as a legendary space for a thriving creative community for nearly a decade.  

The Boat boasts roughly 4000 square feet of indoor space and 2000 square feet outdoor space, featuring a wood/metal shop, co-working/gathering spaces, full kitchen, hot tub and sauna.

Many, perhaps most, Brooklyn residents are unaware that a waterway even runs through this part of town, making the legend of ‘the boat’ as unlikely as it is intriguing. Even after all of these years - few find it without really looking.

New York City’s artistic community recognizes the potential of the vessel and would like to expand upon this opportunity to provide much-needed gathering and workspace for educational, cultural, community-oriented, environmental, and similar organizations who struggle in a city of dwindling affordable spaces.

MV Schamonchiis in a unique position to incubate projects in support of the environmental restoration, sustainable development, and continued creative collaboration of the growing neighborhood.

How is this money going to be used?

The $300k raised in fundraising contributions will cover most of the cost to drydock, replace steel, and paint the exterior of the ship.

The additional $8k monthly overhead required while the boat is docked in Brooklyn will be raised through private charters and space usage / rental.